7 Signs You’re On Track To Succeed Online In 2021

  •  Some say quoting “success leaves the mark” to Jim Rohn and others say to Tony Robbins, but once he said, he’s dead for a point. Indeed, success leaves a trail.

  • Radio, TV and packed media will be everywhere “celebrating this” Great Success “of this man. No one bothered when the man was hungry, driving a car that was crashed and wearing a handkerchief.
  • Yes, success leaves a trail. Success will not fall on your thigh from the top. You need to search for it diligently and to seek it out. If you do, you will be a success all night long and the media will release their drums to celebrate your success.

  • To increase your chances of success, reduce your focus and set the ones you understand how to do it online because that’s the way the world is going and there is no going back.

  • The world’s largest and richest companies are online businesses; not for any specific order Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

  • While it used to take companies for almost a century to become the “International Company” for operations undertaken around the world, almost all of the above “digital companies” became world giants within a decade to 20 years.

  • E-Commerce, Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing or any combination of online businesses, the key to online success is “CONSISTENCY” and you are following your clearly defined strategy rather than a for-profit person.

  • Here are seven tips to help you succeed online. Not in any specific order: 1. Draw your “CUSTOMER AVATAR” to be clear about who you want to serve. Your client’s avatar is a mirror image of the dream customer you would like to work for. As you know, all customers are born equal so being clear about the type of customer you wish to serve puts you ahead of the competition. Knowing your customer’s avatar enables you to create a profitable “TRANSPORT LIST”. With your local address list you are on the fastest way to success online. 2. You created your list of online influencers in “DREAM 100” and tried to access them. Influencers, Experts, and Gurus online make things happen online. They have found what works and built and added their eight kingdoms. Following, learning, and modeling their success are the shortest and fastest ways to build your seven-person empire that will begin without resuming the wheel. 3. Select “THREE COMMUNICATION ITEMS AND COMMUNICATION ORGANIZATIONS” that you wish to focus on and submit consistently. New social media platforms are born almost every day but in order to be successful, you must choose only three depending on your goals and not on the likes of the media. Anything more than three will scatter you too thin and make you useless. Whether you choose any of the three Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, etc., it must go with your plan. 4. You build your daily “YOUR PURCHASE AND GRAVITAS” every day. As the Bible says, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” You know that people will follow you only if you are trustworthy and gravitas. One of the things that enhances the most honesty is having the best-selling book in the New York Times on your behalf. Make it great online as you already know it is not a walk in the park so day and night take steps to strengthen your credibility with gravitas. 5. You work peacefully and with full focus on “LEAD MAGNETS”, RESIDENCE PAGES “and” CONTINUED DELIVERY “. make them given to those who can do them without them. 6. You learn to design “SELLING BOOKS” with great Hooks, stories and giveaways. No matter how good your product is, no matter how trustworthy it is, and no matter how popular it is in social media, your sales letters that turn subscribers into paying customers send money into your bank account. Learning how to make effective marketing characters and attract the right audience puts you in the league of winners. 7. You learn how to create “UNREWISE PRODUCTS” that change the lives of your dream customers. As every businessman knows, whether online or offline, and more online, when dealing with customers sometimes six remote locations, you are in the business of changing lives. Simply put, you are in this transformation process. If you can better change people’s lives, your bank account will grow. What makes conversions happen is the good products you make. The products come at the end of the series because you have to adapt exactly to the needs identified by your dream customer. The above seven signs distinguish those who are on the path to success from those who are not. To summarize, create your customer avatar, choose your 100 dream influencers online, choose the three social media platforms you wish to be king, burn your loyalty with gravitas day and night, your draw leads, landing pages, irresistible offers, and sales books for sale your irresistible products night and day. To accelerate your success, you not only make irresistible offers, you build stakes for delivery as long as the Mountain


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