Secrets of Online Business Success


  •  You have your website online. You’re on search engines. You have a copy of the deadly website. Now all you have to do is wait for the sale to enter properly? No … not exactly.

  • In the last five years of working with all kinds of businesses, companies that make mistakes often believe that their website will do all the work for them. Sure, the website will help generate but will never replace your business features. Potential customers still want the kind of bond that brings them into your company, something that still makes them feel valued and loved by the individual – they are looking for real people with true knowledge. And the reason people choose to buy from you is because of you.

  • One of the most overlooked features of websites is online customer service and ultimately your email correspondence. Think about it: if “sales” cost your business would you leave them waiting for a day or more before responding? Now, unless you work for a bank or just don’t want a business, you’ll never do that. But as it sounds crazy, this is what most companies do. Damaging their success by stopping returning emails to customers.

  • Here are a few basic rules that I personally follow and suggest that you use:

1. Improve filtering in your email system so you can respond to your “sales-oriented” emails first and then others later. 2. Reply with sales emails in less than a day if possible (even a simple return email “I’m working on” will suffice in some cases). 3. Reply to junk mail within 1- 2 days. 4. When replying to any email, be sure to include at least the following information. A) Your name + and the name of your company, ) your title, B) address, C) telephone (with area code), D) your return email, E) your website and F) lastly make sure your article line makes sense!

  • Also consider the following: 1. The web is now more widely used than the yellow pages when people want to buy a product.

2. Your potential customer is also more likely to be in touch with your competition.

3. As your first confident marketing meeting, make your email stand out. Tell them what makes you different.
4. Your hope is that you will probably receive SPAM emails regularly.
Make sure the headline is not confused with spam or your email may not be read!
5. Keep your title short and don’t find yourself as a used car sales person. A simple article like this: At your request to ABC.Com is usually sufficient. 6. Do not send files larger than 500k (1/2 a mb) – as most people are still diving. Following these simple steps will increase the benefits of your website. In today’s fast-paced economy, the old adage “Snooze is lost” is more real than ever. Also remember that the web is no different than any other approach when it comes to building relationships / relationships with your customers. Have fun, stand out from the crowd and be amazed at the results.FOR MORE BUSINESS RELATED TIPS AND TRICKS STAY TUNED!

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