Android vs iPhone (PUBG MOBILE) iOS vs Android Comparison (Gyroscope, Aim Assist, Touch Response)


  • Welcome Guys! this is one of the most anticipated articles I ever got, whether the iPhone is better or the Android. in this article, I’ll be comparing iPhone vs android and we’ll be going through the following tests as shown on the screen, but for this comparison, we’ll be using an iPhone 11, 2019’s flagship, vs the OnePlus 9 Pro, 2021’s flagship.              


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  •  The iPhone is almost 2 years old but I’m pretty sure it can still compete against the latest flagships because iPhones are very well optimized as compared to android let me show you what is optimization, by opening the pub g in both phones at the same time, so we’ll see which one loads up the game faster. by looking at the specs of the devices, theone plus has better performance so it should load up the game faster, right? and it does complete the loading screen faster in the beginning. but as the android gets closer, it’s getting slower whereas the iPhone catches up and it even loads up significantly faster than android. 

  • The android took 4 seconds longer to load up the game but loading into the lobby screen doesn’tmatter to most of you so let’s check which one will enter into a game faster I will be entering into a cheer park training area, which actually takes quite a long time to enter, but let’s check whether the iPhone will load up faster or the android.

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  • So after about 10 seconds, the iPhone loaded up the game first, while the android is still loading… so after about 25 seconds, the android finally loaded the game, so now I hope you understand how good is iPhone optimization, and this is just 2019’s iPhone, the latest iPhones will make an even bigger difference, for example here I have the latest 2021’siPad Pro. and it entered into the game within 3 seconds, that’s crazy fast while the android took about 30 seconds to enter into the game anyway now let’s move on to the gyroscope comparison, I have played on both iPhone and Android, and when using gyroscope I noticed few things, the iPhone Gyroscope is more responsive or in other words, it feels faster as compared to the android. but I actually wanted to show you exactly so I tried to measure or compare the iphone’s gyro with android by stacking up both phones on a tripod, but it didn’t work, at the end, I found another way to show you the difference. 

  • So here i have both phones’ crosshairs pointed towards the same thing, and I slowly started tilting both phones at the same time. here you can see that iphone’s crosshair isslightly higher than android, that’s because iphone’s gyro is more responsive and it movesfaster and quickly. here is another example, right now the gyroscopeis going downwards, and if you look at android’s screen its slightly behind, or slower nextto the iphone’s screen. you can also pause the video to check thedifference.

  •  So the iphone’s crosshair will reach to thetower first, and then later android’s crosshair will reach to the tower. 

  • So the android gyro is slightly behind ordelayed when compared next to an iPhone, but the gyro delay isn’t as big as you would noticein oppo vevo devices i would guess that iphone’s gyro is approximately10 to 20 milliseconds faster, it could be more, but I’m assuming it to be around 10milliseconds, which is really really small difference barely noticeable to many people. and another thing that i have notice is that,iphone’s gyro will sync much faster, what i mean by that. 

  • For Example when you sit in a chair and playwith gyro, the gyro will work just fine on both android and iPhone but when you lay downin bed and play with gyro, in android it sometimes moves in opposite direction or takes sometime to sync to your position. 

  • Whereas in iPhones, the gyro will work justfine, maybe sometimes it rarely happens. so overall the iphones gives a better gyroscopeexperience moving on to the next topic, bullet registration,most people say iPhone’s bullet will register first, so I tested this by shooting at almostthe same time in the both phones, and I ran this test for more then 20 times and the resultswere the iphone winning most of the time.

  •  So is it really true that iphone’s bulletswill register first, I mean it could be, its really hard to test that, since iphones arevery well optimized maybe that’s why they register faster, but the bullet registrationtotally depends on your internet connection, so I have no idea what to say here, but therecould be another reason and that is the touch registration. here is a fun thing to know, iPhone 11 has1 20 hertz of touch sampling rate, while the one plus 9 pro has 2 40hertz to 3 60hertztouch sampling rate, that’s more than twice, so technically one plus should register thetouch first, right? ut in reality the iPhone with its slower touchsampling rate will register the touch first, suppose if you touch the fire button on boththe one plus and iPhone at the same timing, the iPhone will fire first. 

  • Even tho the one plus’s hardware is capableof being 2 times faster, its not fully utilizing its true power or simply in other words android is not optimized,even if they want to optimize it would be extremely hard because there are more thanthousand phones to be optimized, where as on IOS, there are only few phones. and also every phone has a different specification,for example ROG 5 has 300-hertz touch sampling rate, and the Red magic 6 has a 500-herts touchsampling rate, and Lenovo Legion 2 Pro has 720 hertz touchsampling rate, and every phone has a different touch samplingrate, so the game developers can’t optimize each and every phone, because they can’t evenfix the bugs and glitches immediately. 

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  • So just like how iPhone’s Gyroscope is Fastand More Responsive, in the same way the iPhone’s touch is more responsive and faster than android. anyway moving on to the next topic, will iPhoneshave less recoil than android? not really when comparing both recoil patternsfrom android and iPhone side by side they look identical. here is the hip-fire recoil comparison betweenandroid and iPhone, and the hip-fire spread will be identical between Android and iPhone,I mean the hip-fire spread will be totally random every time but it looks identical interms of recoil.

  •  But why do people say iPhone has less recoil,well there is only one explanation I have for that, iPhone’s gyro and touch are veryresponsive. because of that it feels like controlling recoilis easier on iPhone when compared to an android phone. 

  • Moving on to the next topic, aim assist, doesiPhones have better aim assist? well lets find out so here is the side by side comparison of android and iPhones aim assist and the aim assist is identical in both, itperforms in the same way between android and iPhone but why do people say aim assist works better on iPhone, most people just think that if iPhone is better at few things, then it will be better with other things as well, but in reality, iPhone has only one advantage and that is optimization. and maybe the other reason could be a smoother experience what I mean by that is, iPhones will get constant60 fps whereas on android you do get 60 fps but it’s not stable it always fluctuates and drops a lot of frames, and you will notice those frame drops and its very annoying and it can affect your gaming experience.

  •  So this could be a reason why the people think aim assist and controlling recoil is better in iPhones will provide you with a buttery-smooth gaming experience, the only advantage I think android has over iPhones is that 90 fps but only a few phones will support it. and currently, the one plus 9 pro doesn’t have support to 90 fps, so i have no idea what it’s like to play in90 fps on android, but as far as I know, most of the players say android 90 fps feels like iPhone’s 60 fps in terms of smoothness of gameplay. 

  • But however upcoming iPhones will get 90 fps option, soon the android will lose its only advantage, because android 90 fps vs iPhone 90 fps, is literally like android 60 fps vs iPhone 60 fps so as you know the iPhone will obviously get a constant and stable 90 fps, whereas the android always fluctuates between 90 to50 fps moving on to the next topic, heating issues, which one will heat up faster android or phones? and now to the graphics comparison, so here we have side by side comparison of graphics, we have set the same graphics settings on both devices HDR extreme and colorful graphics. 

  • So now you watch it and find out if there are any differences and let me know in the comments. and now if you see the sun’s reflection on vehicle doors, the iPhone looks really good, whereas on android it looks kinda bad, the textures aren’t that good as you see on iPhone, this could be a screen recording issue, or maybe the graphics issues.

  •  So the graphics look identical to me, but however, if you look closer you would notice that iPhone renders houses slightly faster than android, it’s like 50-100 milliseconds faster on iPhones, but both has the same rendering distance, and that is around 300 meters. so in the final conclusion, the iPhones are better than Android when it comes to gaming especially on pub g mobile, iPhone has better touch response, and better gyroscope sensors to get accurate sprays and most importantly stable and constant 60 fps which makes your gaming experience buttery smooth.

  •  However iPhones are very expensive but your paying for what your getting, android would last only 2-3 years, where the iPhones can last up to 6 years if you don’t break it, and apple will provide software updates for more than 6 years, and it gives you a better experience for everything overall.

  •  But Android phones are affordable you can get them in any price range, wherein phones you don’t get that choice. anyway, that’s all I got for this article.

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