Best Marketing Techniques to Use During Lockdown

The economy of a nation is determined by the demand and supply. With the economic downturn, many industries have taken a hit. A lot of companies are now looking for new techniques to market their business. The best marketing techniques these days are not too different than those of the past. Here are a few of the best marketing techniques that are still effective in the current economy.

What are your goals?

Research is a large part of creating a marketing plan. If you’re new to the marketing game and don’t know how to go about setting up your company’s marketing, use these techniques to create a marketing plan. 1. The old knock on doors to face to face marketing This is an old method that is still effective for marketing because it is quick, effective and costs nothing to execute. All you need is a sign and some plaster to cover up a window to advertise your product or service. Get the numbers of those who pass by your sign and a pen and note down their information including how many turned away and what they said as well as any special offers you can offer them. These names should be updated regularly as you build up a strong customer base.

What marketing techniques are effective right now?

If you take into account that most people have to take from their personal funds to make ends meet, the amount of marketing that they would use is quite limited. Here are a few of the most effective marketing techniques in use: Social Media Marketing Many people use social media marketing because it is a quick way to keep in touch with customers. You can use social media to: Assess the needs of your target audience. Increase sales. Create more engaged users. Look at your social media dashboard and see how your engagement is going. Are you engaging with your customers? Look at the engagement of your users. Is it higher than before? Here are some easy techniques that can increase your engagement. Email Marketing You are allowed to send one email a month to your customers.

How to use social media to market your business

One of the most effective strategies that can be used to increase revenue in the current economy is to use social media. Using social media can increase the number of customers that your business can reach. In a well-developed social media strategy, your customers can become your advocates. Over time, these advocates will recommend you to other people. This is a win-win situation for your business. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it. When you start losing your advocates because of overuse of social media, your business will also be affected negatively. Even though you may use social media to make money, you should still use it for its intended purpose, which is to build a following.

How to use your website to market your business

Using the right keywords Many websites use jargon that is not related to the audience. If they are really marketing, they should instead use relevant keywords. SEO is highly dependent on the use of relevant keywords. Every keyword is defined by a word or phrase that will link your site to that keyword. It can be a description, phrase or even an entire sentence. Use key words that are relevant to the industry A good example of this would be: “Online business, business cards, cloud storage, software, blog, vlogging, publishing, online advertising, ipad, twitter, tv, google plus, ios, apple, ipad, apple laptop, ipad video, ipad mini.” This is a complete list of relevant keywords that all relate to what you are marketing. Using real people You are using the internet to sell a product.

How to design your marketing to be memorable

Many times, customers will try to forget about certain marketing efforts once they have been presented to them. One way to make your efforts memorable is to design your marketing strategy to include memorable visuals. Think about all of the times that you have been in line at a restaurant and have been seated in the same seat for a couple of hours. When you look around, you will notice that other customers have changed locations. These new customers will notice that you are seated in the same place. As a result, you will be remembered by other potential customers. One of the best marketing techniques that I know of is to remember the experience of a previous customer.


Every business should implement a plan of action to get their products out into the market. The key is to keep your marketing strategies simple and always changing. You never know who will be reading your newsletter. Your current business may be among the next ones in line to close down.

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