How To Connect Your Epson Printer To WiFi: 5 Steps

 To Connect Your Epson Printer To WiFi follow these 5 steps:-

1. Connect your printer to the WiFi

There are many purposes of a printer, the printers are located almost everywhere and should be. Printers made documentary work so convenient, you can easily secure your documents with you. Even for school or college students printers play a very important role. It helps in completing their projects, for preparing notes, to understand the diagrammatically and theoretically concepts or in many creative activities.

2. How to connect your printer to the WiFi

Step 1: Plug in the USB cable of the printer to the USB port of your laptop. Step 2: Open your wi-fi settings on your laptop. Step 3: Navigate to ‘Advanced Settings’ and choose ‘Set as WiFi Connection’. Step 4: Name the printer, like ‘HARVEY’, ‘JAMIE’ or ‘KELLY’ or anything that will make easy for you to connect the printer with your laptop. Step 5: If you want to connect another printer with your laptop, just name it as ‘Other printer’. Now all the printers will be listed under the wireless router in the internet. If you want to print a document from your laptop, all you need to do is to select the printer and then click print.

3. How to find your printer’s wireless network

You should enter your printer’s details in the option page of your laptop. Login with the wireless network in your printer. In my case, it’s my Air. I see my Air Wireless IP Address is . On that IP address there’s a connection, you can be it static or dynamic. All static or dynamic networks allow the user to connect to the network via WiFi. In some cases you can reach it via Ethernet. For my case, there’s a static network, and I can get it, from my router. As you can see, I have the Air Wireless IP Address from my Air’s router on my laptop. How to connect to your printer Once you are connected to your printer’s network, you can reach it from a router, phone or computer. Press the printing icon in the system tray and you will be redirected to the printer’s menu.

4. How to enter your printer’s password

Well this is pretty much obvious. Most of the times, when we open our printers, we don’t know the password. However, this is not a big issue, there are ways of entering your password. All you have to do is, by changing a setting on your computer, you can easily get in. It may be printing, faxing, scanning, or all of them. So, its a rather easy process.

5. How to choose your home network

To get the most of the home network, it’s important to choose the right combination of the two network types available – wireless and wired. While the wireless network provides you the ability to connect directly to the Internet to get files quickly and wirelessly, the wired network allows you to plug in a hard drive or USB drive and transfer the documents. Also Read: How to change your printer resolution Printers made a lot of life easier for almost all the human species in the past. And, it still make very essential role, if you choose the right model.


While selecting the best printer you should be careful about the quality of printer and while buying you should buy printer that performs at the best as well.



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