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Paid research is a questionnaire where a research company will pay panelists to do research for a certain amount of money. Most surveyors do online surveys to earn money and many companies pay with PayPal and gift cards. Before signing up for surveys, take a good look at online panels. Make sure the site has paid subscriptions or some form of subscription promotion. And be sure to do a review and see what others think of the company.

Paid surveys

Paid surveys ask questions about something a customer is interested in and only focus on a small part of that product or service. You will be asked specific information about your personal demographics, the product you are interested in, and some basic technical questions. Be sure you know how much the survey will cost before you make a commitment to register. A $1 registration fee is typically a good benchmark and one that most free-to-enter sites will not charge you. Paying for a survey does not mean you won’t be able to sign up for other surveys at the same site. Free surveys A survey is not a paid survey if it is an informational survey. A “free” survey does not require you to pay a fee. It only requires you to answer a question for information.


The best paid surveys for your privacy

1. Youg
ov. This British company’s surveys are known for being very accurate and ethical. Yougov doesn’t care if you’re Jewish, Muslim, black, rich, poor, high-school grad or college graduate. The data used for Yougov’s surveys is not de-identified and is aggregated to ensure each respondent’s privacy. For more information on Yougov, click here. 2. Newspoll. This Australian company produces over 60,000 surveys each week for online users worldwide. It employs over 500 people and regularly appears in the top 10 of Ziff Davis’ Web Site Survey: PC Magazine. Newspoll doesn’t sell or share the data with any third party and has a paywall for surveys and a limited 1st and 2nd choice option to all respondents. 3. Harris Interactive.


How to find the best survey sites

Some of the most popular paid survey websites are Gallup, YouGov, SurveyMonkey, Quality Start, etc. All of these sites have their pros and cons, so I will focus on the survey sites that are free, and who offer you more control over your data. I wrote a piece on the ten best survey sites on the Internet and at that time, there were only four free (or mostly free) survey sites. A lot has changed in the last three years! A survey site is not just about taking a survey. Most sites offer research to help you gain insight about your business or market or just about providing you with the opportunity to ask some questions that will help you become more productive at work or life.



It’s better to be safe than sorry and to do your homework before doing any kind of survey. Survey research companies are trustworthy, so it’s important to take precautions when filling out surveys. If you find a survey that you like, it’s good to do an in-depth review on the company to make sure it’s a reputable company. If you ever receive a survey that you think isn’t right or that isn’t from the company that it says it’s from, call the company right away. Let them know how you feel about it and if there’s a way they can alter the survey to make it right. This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Tanisha Robinson Tanisha Robinson is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at BOSSiLL Media, a firm specializing in integrated branding strategies for small businesses.


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