Top 10 Best 1 Mb Small Size Apps for Android

                         TOP 10 BEST APPS

 1. Instadict (973k Mb Apps) Instadict

2. With Browser (793k Mb Apps)

  • This browser is less than 1 MB when using a second browser, then its size is 20 or 25 or more, its size is very important in this browser, where you can store your data in Ad Block, Night mode, Computer mode, Translator, Pages, and many other features are in other browsers.

                                  Here are some Via browser functions:-

• Saving day

• Do what you want

• Advertisement

• Privacy Protect

• Bookmarks

• Add

• Night mode

• Computer – mode

• Translate

• Find it on the page

• Search engine

• Save a Web page

• Art exhibition

• It’s free to design your homepage

3. Open in Whatupp (110k Mb Apps)

  • If you want to call someone whose non-saving number or you do not want to keep their number but if you want to send one or two messages to them, after entering it, you must select a country and enter their number and open it. It’s okay to find it in what’s going on and you can send a message.

4.Shazam Lite (1 MB App)

  • It is very attractive and less than 1 MB. The thing about this app is that if you are listening to a song and you should know about that song, any song that happens after you.

About Shazam

  • With one tap, Shazam connects content with your favorite artists, identifies music, and more that you can instantly share with friends – all for free.

  • And that’s just the beginning: One tap on a video clip, song lyrics, tracks related to streaming services, where you can listen to your Shazams in full or purchase them.

* Song names will appear in your history when the connection is restored.

5.LockWatch (322k MB App)

  • This app is one of my Eternal apps as you see that the size of this app is less than 1 MB when you open this app and ask for some permissions from you.

  • The thing about this app is that when you enter a password on your phone and someone tries to unlock it, a picture of it is taken and sent to your email. This is a very secure application.

6.Dock4Droid (1 MB Application)

  • Dock4Droid is the first Dock manager for Android platform. You can quickly access your running activities from anywhere right now on your phone or tablet and launch new apps from the current screen. Thumbnails are created with a wave-like view and tasks are achieved by sliding your finger on the dock.


  • You can add custom launchers

  • also supports your favorite contacts

  • Dock4Droid is fully integrated into the Italian language

7. Simple Book (713k MB App)

  • As soon as you know, the simple Notepad app is simple and gives you a fast and fast experience. Besides the simplicity, there are many different features.


  • Send data to Google Cloud Print
  • Custom font and background

  • Voice input

  • Word count

8.Dark (Screen Filter) (1 MB App)

  • With this app, you can do your job by searching in the dim light at night. It helps a lot in your eyes, it helps to filter the light of your smartphone.


  • Auto-On & Auto-Off

  • Low light below 20%

  • Custom buttons

  • Button to set some light

  • Up to three buttons for quick access can be entered.

9.Fococzip Lite Compress Image (459k MB App)

  • Photo Clip Light With this app you can press your documents or photos and change the zip and zip size for it too. We use it as easily as possible before sending or sharing via email, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


  • Support JPG / PNG press and resize

  • Zip the whole image together

  • Easily share photos

  • No ads, It’s really free

  • Small app size


1. Select a photo from the gallery

2. Select “Compress”

3. Done.

10. Gallery (851k MB App)

  • Listening to these words, you may feel awkward but this is awesome and the gallery work app extracts images from the internal memory of the phone and the SD card. Show all images in a controlled image For quick access, edit an image with the same application.


  • 3d image view

  • consumes less energy and memory

  • cut by pix let

  • respond quickly

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