Top Tips and Tricks For PUBG Mobile (Miramar) | Guide To Become a Pro Player

Hi Guys, In this article, i am going to tell you about Top Tip and Tricks For PUBG Mobile Map (MIRAMAR) I’ll Guide you to  become a Pro Player.

 If the enemy is camped at the blue of the Miramar trade center building, you can use this trick. 

 You can find these boxes in the house, and then go to the boxes, and the way you are now on a different floor, the floor, and repeat the process until you, until you are the enemy, and as soon as you can to your enemy to surprise them from the rear.

If the enemy is camping in the red building, you can make use of this trick, just throw a grenade in thiswindow to block your enemy’s vision, and mix it with other companies to follow this path, and now you can surprise him from behind-a trick that you can use in this blue house stand out-the-door andask to be your partner for the door to open it, now sit back, relax and wait for the enemy to short to leave, the best to go out and ambush them from behind, this is what it looks like with the enemy, and to the point-of-view, and if you can get close to the house, and that the enemy throws at you, just for the inside of the building, and to standbehind the line on the TES here, and as soon as the enemy is approaching doorimmediately-click “Close” and “open” button, and your land will be added to thisplace with the boxes to throw a few in this little area, and sendthem back to the hotel lobby, and this is what it looks like with the enemy, point-of-view if you are playing in a safe, and you want to make sure that it is a violation to use this trick, just openyour back and try to update your wardrobe, if you will not be able to change it yourcloset, it means that someone is camping next to you, right now you can go back to withoutgetting to fight in the battle, or if you can’t find them, and kill them here, and the base of the enemy in the house, but without an enemy in the house, your bike, you can bedestroyed by the 22 rounds of the AKM, but here is the information for the rest of the weapons in the miradocan be disposed of in a 21 laps in the PAST, but this information to another For the minibus that can be destroyed with 38 laps in the AKM, but the information in the rest of the gun, pick it up, it can be disposed of in the 26 rounds of the AKM, and here is the information for any other weapons buggy and can be destroyed in 33 of ammunition, ofakm, and here is the information for the rest of the weapons, and if you drop, sit and lay down in one of the best of this type of building, you can use this trick to make this wooden boxesand to climb up again, now that I look at the person, and the use of ladge, and to goalong, and jump up the stairs, you can reach the top, too, if you like to play it safe, you can use justcamp here’s what it looks like from the foe, here is some information on the vendingmachine can be used up to 10 times, and it’s takesseven seconds for it to load and this could lead to an absolute minimum, and maximum 13drinks at the time, and when the fire is out, it is a matter of concern and can’t be re-used again and again, as are the enemy tour it buildingat Pecado, you can also use this trick, follow this path to reach the top of the house, and now you can see it and be put to death, to make them easy to you if you are in a situation to come out of the funds, do not forget that the health bars about45 78% of HP left, and when I jumped from the ships, at the minimumspeed of 50 to 60 km/h, which is approximately 13 to 19 per cent of the health leftwhen to jump out of a car with an average speed of 80 km and 90 km/h) in about 10 to 16percent of HP left when he jumped out of the car at a maximum speed of up to 115 up to 155 miles per hour, and if you’re good, you can use it to achieve the highest sniping location Miramar Los Leones, is what it’s like to see the enemy’s point of view and now you can make your enemy and kill them easily, this is a measure for the prediction of the enemy, place it in the blue and the sound will be reflected from the Earth and performers into the first floor to the second floor and the third floor is a terrace can be found the gold Mirado la Hacienda del, filter, car, boat, their breeding grounds in the Miramar hotel is located just a possible location of the car so, you can be sure of is that your vehicle every the time of the summit, as well as the place of the average cash in Havana, 

It is some information on the website, in Miramar, you can use this information to their advantage.

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