What is (ICT) ? Benefits Of (ICT).

  • Information Technology (IT) has brought a revolution in the computing and communication field.Today,Thanks to the Internet, you can send or receive information on most about any topic in just a few seconds from any corner of the world.The Internet also allow you to communicate with a person or a group of people simulation early in real time environment. Innovation in the IT field has affected many areas of our daily life such as education, environment and health. The revolution has also created many new careers in the field of software engineering.

  • For the progress of mankind it is good that the constant evolution of the IT industry is opening new channels for growth in almost every field. However, despite its numerous advantages, the IT sector has serious problems in the form of ethical and other issues arising due to the misuse of its Assets and products. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be regarded as an extension of it as it involves the integration of it with their transmission and broadcasting Technologies.
  • ICT is known as Information and Communication Technology, which emphasizes on a parting knowledge in the field of education. which has helped individual or Institutions and information by using of the computer and other digital technology.ICT promote audio visual equipments for imparting knowledge majorly at the school or college level.With the passage of time, (ICT) has proven to be instances and basic steps in the development of the modern societies in many countries the learning of concept of ICC is considered as an important part of education ICT has a wider scope in various fields such as health education and its design and manufacturing plants and business.

          The Benefits of ICT in Education:-

  • The uses of computer in education domain has simplified the learning of student
  •  By using ICT teachers or and secondary schools have made the learning of students interactive and enjoyable.
  • Generally students images and representation of Concept more interesting interesting as compared to three ortocal knowledge therefore teachers explain Complex topics in a simplified manner by using images and simulations.
  • The use of AI in education has brought a positive impact on the success of students from various perspectives such as knowledge, comprehensive practical and presentation skills.

             Benefits of ICT in Healthcare 

  •   ICT has significantly reduced the cost and enhanced the service being provided today. Doctors can take the advice of other doctors residing in other countries by using window video conferencing instead of letting them personally.

  •  Use of ICT in Healthcare and has given health tips refer to the management of records and information of patients electronically. Health allows patients to download reports and schedule an appointment with a doctor .

  • The process of through electronic and patient management systems has resulted in the reduction of the Queen’s that would have been found in hospitals.

             Benefits of ICT in governance

  • Government used to deliver public service for example a number of Forklift service are available online citizens and businesses are able to use the internet to file tax returns apply for emergency action release as renew vehicle road tax or apply for passport.

  •  Use of ICT by the government has resulted in enhanced governance practices such as controlling bad practices like corruption in government offices or in various government departments using electronic devices.

  •  ICT has helped in providing better response to people and effective length of services provided by government.

              Benefits of ICT in Business

  •  People in business can store data not only in their computer but also external storage devices such as service. In case of generation of data the data stored is accessible to people irrespective of their geographical location.

  •  It’s provide quick and cost effective communication. For example, a meeting of employees of various branches can be done by video conferencing.

  •  Administrative costs have also been reduced by Linking various party Insurance, a consumer service provider and Financial Institutions in human can interact with ensuring your insurance online for taking advice from them and buying appropriate policies online.

             Benefits of ICT in Design and Manufacturing

  •  The use of ICT in the design and manufacturing industry lead to Introduction of Computer aided design and Computer aided manufacturing cad allows designers to develop detailed design of product and CAM. is used to manufacture accurate component of products with my minimum told the benefit of CAD and CAM 
  • CAD  errors in design can be deducted quickly resulting in less time in manufacturing a product

  • CAD  allows designers to easily change their designs to match any amendments made by the manager.

  • CAM  educates an  identical quality of any number of products being manufactured.

  •  The company cannot have the profit margin by using cam as there is no labour cost.

            Benefits of ICT in our Daily Life 

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is play a significant role in world as we exist in the information in ICT has not only made business easier but also impacted our daily life to a great extent and cannot be separated from the benefits of ICT in our daily life are as follow:-

  •  You can read newspapers online.
  •  You can get updates of any event as soon as they occur.
  •  You can make video call or chat with your friends related colleges
  • You can book tickets of purchase any item by sitting at home
  • You can learn anything with the help of online audio and video tutorials.

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