What is Investment for Beginners: A Simple Guide To Investment Basics:-


When you ask the question what is investment, we can say it is putting your spare money to work for you. The way most of us were taught to make an income is to get a job and work a set amount of hours every week. The only problem is if you want more money you must work more hours at your job. That could mean giving up those leisure activities at the weekend so the extra money is of no use if you haven’t got the time to spend it.


What is investment?

For some people saving is like saving for rainy days. If you are saving for a rainy day that rainy day is not going to come and maybe never come. As it is you might be spending your savings in the meantime and you are not making any money in the process. The only way to make money is to invest and that is the subject of this article. Investment is getting your money to grow which then can be turned into something more valuable for you or the person who you are giving it to. Imagine saving enough money to buy a house. Do you think you have enough money to do that? Of course not. You might have about £50,000. The thing with investing is it is not just about the money you have. The more you invest the more your money will grow. What makes good investment?


Different Types of Investments

One of the primary ways to make money is by investing it in some form or the other. As you can see, the two forms of investing we mentioned are trading and investing. You can trade without investing in a mutual fund or ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). So a trader makes a profit from price movements in financial assets without actually buying the assets at a set value. As an example, if you bought 100 shares of Apple Inc for US$12.10 and it suddenly jumped to US$14.37, the trader made a profit of US$1.35. If you want to invest in financial assets you must know the basics about them.


                                Investment Risks

As already stated, this is why investing in stocks or shares is quite risky. If something goes wrong with the company you are investing in you could lose your hard earned money. However, there are ways to reduce the risks. These include not putting all your money in one company, diversifying, deciding on a period of time for when you want to invest and deciding on the quantity of your investment. It is a good idea to get a financial advisor to advise you when you are first starting out. They will also be able to recommend a stock or shares that is right for you. Once you have decided what investment you want to make, it is a good idea to check out the different options available to you. The major markets in Europe include Germany, United Kingdom, France and Spain.


Types of Investment

Investment can come in a variety of forms. It could be an outright purchase of an asset such as a house or shares. You could also invest in a business or products. A certain percentage of your earnings goes to that investment and you only get a return if it grows in value. Some of us are more interested in buying shares because they give a reliable income or a simple gain. You could also invest in the mutual funds provided by your company. These funds usually allow you to invest more than the amount you can invest if you had invested in just one share. However, buying shares is not for everyone and it’s a rather complex subject to get your head around. You can learn more about the process of buying shares by looking up the investment companies that offer them.


Investment Plans

While there are countless sources of investments, there are only a few that everyone should consider. We would like to tell you about two of them: Dividend Investing It is a strategy to find the stocks that have high dividends. Dividends generally get paid to investors every month, every quarter, or sometimes every year. Even if you pay no attention to the stock market, you will find a few stocks that yield over 4%. One of these is Altria (MO). When you buy stocks such as these, you receive a regular income to supplement your income. In this case, the main reason for investing in dividend stocks is the regular income. The other is the fact that it is a diversification strategy which usually minimizes risk.



Investment for beginners is one of the easiest ways to make money and become financially independent. You don’t need to have lots of capital to start off with and it’s a proven formula. All you need is a little initial investment and a little bit of time to develop your skills and learn a bit about the market.


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