What Is Self-Confidence ?


                        Self confidence

  •   Self confidence can be defined as a belief in one’s personal abilities, potentials and strengtheners someone is self-assured about his skills and capabilities to achieve goals and objectives. Self-confident people and capabilities assured of themselves and their abilities, take risks, and challenges, do not hesitate to try new things and think about their future positively.it is a positive attitude that individuals hold about themselves that  allows them to achieve their objectives and also helps them to  keep  moving forward in personal and professional lives.


                Positive factors of self-confidence: –

  •    Self-confidence is the strength which an individual can achieve by combining the state of minds and feeling of self-faith, which give the individual self-assurance about his skills and abilities.


  •   There are three most important factors of self-confidence are as follows:


1.            1)   Social factor: -it is a feeling of affection, belonging, acceptance, and friendship in the society and family. Self-confidence rises when we fell accepted in our personal and professional lives by the people and it falls when we feel rejected. Social experiences play the most important and vital role in someone life in the order to achieve self-confidence.it involves interactions among the individuals to coordinates activities for the accomplishment of individuals goals and objectives.


2.            2) Cultural factors: –it helps an individual build up his confidence level, self-image, and self-respect and can also be the reason for low self-confidence. Individuals are pressurized to live in a certain way, dress in a certain way, have a certain kind of work and function accordingly. The respect values, and patience that an individual can show towards culture will contribute towards the individual’s success and confidence as to who he is.



3.           3)  Physical factors: -it refers to the physical health, personality, and appearance that helps one look more confident.it also helps to improve attitude and self-esteem. For example, if someone does regular physical exercise, which is one of the important aspects of self-confidence, then he feels energetic and become more productive with positive attitude.

  • It is very difficult to feel perfect is an individuals does not like his looks and physique.in other words, when and individuals does not have a good perception about his physical health and does not feel good about his physical look and health, then he struggles with low self-confidence and finds it difficult to achieve goals.
                Self-Confidence Building Tips

  •  Self-confidence is the belief in one capabilities in carrying out the passion an individual with self-confidence attains personal and professional goals easily.it refers to the faith of an individuals about his skills and abilities that enable him to be more confident about his skills and abilities that enable him to be more confident about his decisions, positive thinking and physical health.it makes an individuals confident in the order to achieve his goals and objective.

  • Positive thinking, getting rid of negative thoughts, good physical health and chatting with positive people are all significant approaches to help improve or boost one self confidence levels. additionally, it is the combination of an individuals self esteem and belief in his own skills, potential, talent, and experience.

              Some Tips To Build Self-Confidence: –

  • Negative Thinking: –negative thinking is one of the most important reasons of low self-confidence that is created in one mind. Sometimes we have personal and emotional issues which we do not share with anyone and it gradually converts into negative thoughts.so, talking to and sharing feelings with people and family members help us get rid of negative thoughts.

  • In other words, it is a mental process in which we think negative about everything and it also reduces our confidence level by considering the worst results.so,in order to convert these negative thoughts into positive ones, we have to believe in ourselves and we need to come up with the possibilities of overcoming the negative thoughts.

  • Positive Thinking:positive thinking can be defined as the positive attitude in which you hope for appropriate and beneficial results.it also helps to enhance your self-confidence because low self-confidence constantly brings you down and fills your minds with the negative thoughts. Self-confidence people have a positive approach and thought process that helps them take the problems of life in a positive way and with confidence.to keep your thinking positive, one should follow the “SMILE” model: –

S: – “Start: your day in positive way

M: – “Manage “some time to relax

I: – “Imagine “best in any situation

L: – “Learn “to take feedback in a positive way

E: – “Express “gratitude

  • Staying Happy with Small Thing: -self-confidence actually lies in a small thing that help you stay happy. There are several small things that make you more confident and have great self-worth, such as dressing, dancing, smiling, running, meditating, reading, and going out.

  • Staying Clean, Hygienic and Smart: -self-confidence can be improved by enhancing your personal appearance thought simple steps like wearing clean clothes, shaving and bathing and practicing good hygiene regularly, staying clean, hygienic, and smart can also help you improve your perception about yourself over time.

  • Chatting With Positive People: –chatting with positive people allows you to regulate feeling and sentiments, boost confidence, eliminate negative thoughts, and helps to stay positive.in other yourself.it also helps you build u

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