Class 9 CBSE Computer Important Notes For Chapter-3 Information Communication And Technology

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  • A computer is an electronic device which is used to perform a variety of operations on the basis of a set of instructions called program.

  • The various components of a computer are as follows: the input unit, the procesing unit, the output unit and the storage unit.

  •  A device that lets you enter data or instructions in a computer is known as an input device.

  •  A computer keyboard looks like a typewriter. Besides the normal alphabet keys, it also has a numeric keypad located to its right.

  • A mouse is a basic input device of a computer. It controls the movement of the cursor or pointer on the display screen.

  •  An output device is an electronic equipment that is connected to a computer and is used to communicate results of the processed data to the user.

  • Memory is the area where you can store the information.

  •  Primary memory is the main memory in a computer system where data is stored for quick access by the CPU.

  • The software that controls and manages the hardware is known as the operating system (0S).

  • It is the job of the operating system to control and coordinate the use of the hardware so that the computing tasks can be performed with the help of various application software installed on the computer.

  • These days, GUL-based operating systems are very popular because they provide a user-friendly, interactive environment.

  • The desktop is a graphical screen that contains some icons.

  •  Ubuntu allows you to organize your files, folders, documents and programs according to your preferences.

  • A file is created in a computer to record different types of data which can be either textual or graphical or a combination of both.

  • A folder acts as a container for files. We generally save those files in a folder that are related in some way to each other.

  • Renaming a file or a folder means changing the existing name of the file or folder.

  • Suppose there are some files and folders in your computer that are no longer required. You can delete them from your computer to free up the memory space.

  • When you have finished working on your computer you may want to shut it down.

  • Sometimes, you may also restart the computer in case there is a problem that you are unable to fix or rectify.

  • The Internet refers to a collection of an infinite the number of computers spread across the world.

  • The Internet allows people to communicate with each other all over the world.

  • The applications of the Internet are as follows:

  1. Surfing and Searching the Internet

  2. Email

  3. Chatting

  4. E-learning

  5. Ecommerce

  6. Entertainment

  • A Web browser is an application that is used to access or retrieve information or resources from the Internet.

  • A website is a collection of related Web pages linked to each other by hyperlinks. These Web pages are stored on a computer, which is called a server.

  • Electronic mail (Email) represents a mode of communication in which a user can send electronic messages to other users through the Internet.

  • In order to send an email, you need to specify the email address of the receiver.After creating an email account, the next step is to log on to the account and check your email.

  • Social media are Internet-based technologies that facilitate the sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression within virtual communities and networks.

  • Social networking on the Internet is popular with the users of all age groups but more so with youngsters in universities, high schools and colleges and people in workplaces.

  • A blog can be defined as a website or part of a website containing the thoughts and ideas of a user.

  • Social news is a platform that allows users to share different news items and also enable them to vote for these items.

  • WhatsApp is a free mobile app used for exchanging text messages, sharing images or videos and making free voicevideo calling.

  • Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India with the aim of providing government services to citizens electronically by providing improved online infrastructure and internet connection in the field of technology.

  • The concept behind init√≠ating the Digital India programme is to transform India into a digitally enabled society and economy.

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