CBSE Class 9 Computer Chapter-4 Entrepreneurial Skills Important Notes


This CBSE Class 9 Computer Chapter-4 Entrepreneurial Skills  Important Notes will Help You To Score Good Marks In Your Exams. Here We Give You entrepreneurial skills class 9 notes According to CBSE New Pattern.

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  • Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship play a significant role in the social-economic development of the country.



  • Entrepreneurs start enterprises with a view to minimizing unemployment.



  • Entrepreneurship uses the market Opportunities to produce innovative goods and services.



  •  It involves judicious allocation of the scarce resources to pursue the value-adding opportunities. the entrepreneurial process comprises six steps which are as follows:



1. Deciding to become an entrepreneur


2. identifying and evaluating the opportunities


3. Developing a business plan


4. Determining the required resources


5. Converting the idea to an enterprise


6. Managing and growing the enterprise



  • The success or failure of an enterprise depends on the attorney or an entrepreneur who is involved in formulating and implementing a business plan and managing the resources.



  • Some of the traits and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are Creativity, Innovation, Dynamism, Risk-taking and decision-making ability, Self-motivation, Sell-confidence, Time management Persistence, Problem-solving. Flexibility, Vision Leadership, and technical knowledge ADUsi economic resources or inputs to either make in A business entity can be defined as an organization that is available to the foods and different types of goods and services.

  • There are various types of businesses, some of which Are as follows:



  1. Service business 

  2. Merchandising business

  3. Manufacturing business

  4. Hybrid business


  • A community business is set-up by the comics facing challenges together in developing Us Some examples of community business as center’s, farms, etc.



  • Some key features of a community business ares


  1. Locally rooted 

  2. Trading for the benefit of the local community.

  3. Accountable to the local community 

  4. Broad community impact



  •  Entrepreneurship enables the creatiOn of employment opportunities, earning foreign exchange and enhancing the income  Country.

  • Some distinguished characteristics of and entrepreneurship are as follows:- 


  1. Economic  and dynamic activity

  2. Related to innovation 

  3. Profit potential

  4. Risk-bearing

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) was designed for small enterpriSes by identifying and training the prospective entrepreneurs.



  • EDP was designed as a unique, integrated approach For providing instructions and counseling trom the selection stage to the main operation process.



  • EDP Focuses more on enhancement in operations than Academic training tO meet certain requirements ol the participant’s,With the help of EDP, the prospective entrepreneurs can be trained to start an enterprise by obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills.



  • EDP is an on-going process of training and motivating the entrepreneurs to establish the prolitable enterprise



  • An entrepreneur is his own boss. Therefore, being a boss, he remains involved in the activities from the beginning of the project tll its end. It gives him huge sell-satistaction as he has taken all the decisions himsell throughout the project.



  • An entrepreneur does not have a stipulated income and his salary is dependent on the performance of the enterprise. The more he works for his enterprise, the nore will be the profits.



  • An entrepreneur is the owner of an enterprise. Hence,he has to deal with all the risks and uncertainties in his business. He can take his own decisions to deal with the risks and uncertainties.

  •  An entrepreneur can set his own schedule according to his personal priorities. There is a lot of flexibility for him to set his own work timings.


  • The government has started offering various incentives and concessions, which comprise capital subsidy,marketing facilities, technical know-how, industrial facilities, etc.



  • ln India, the potential entrepreneurs possess dynamic confidence and vision to establish small enterprises.




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