Class 9 Computer CBSE MCQs Based Questions For Chapter-Communication Skills

 Hi, In This Article I will Tell You About  Class 9 Computer CBSE MCQs Based Questions For Chapter-Communication Skills, Class 9 Sample Paper, Class 9 Computer Important Notes, Class 9 Computer Term-1 Important Notes and Many More Things.

1. Which of the following Is not a stage of the communication Cycle:-

a. Message

b. Sender

C. Telephone 

d. Feedback

2. Body language is an example of

a. non-verbal communication

b. visual communication

c. verbal communication

d. written communication

3. Which of the following types of sentences contains two independent clauses joined by a conjunction?

a. Simple

b. Compound

c. Simple perfect

d. Complex

4. Poor lighting, uncomfortable sitting arrangements and noise of traffic are examples of

a. language barriers

b. psychological barriers

C. mood swings

d. environmental barriers

5. Which of the following describes a preposition?

a. It replaces a noun

b. It links a noun to another word

C. It describes a verb, adjective or adverb

d. It joins clauses or sentences or words

6. Which of the following is an example of communication skill ?

a. Talking simultaneously at the same time as someone else

b. Listening to what people say

C. Putting your fingers in your ears

d. Looking at mobile to checK your emails

7. Which of the following is not a communication skill?

a. Running

b. Texting

c. Chatting to people

 d. Teaching

8. If you want to call a doctor to have information aaabout some medicine, what might you need to have ready ?

a. Your national insurance number

 b. Your shoe size

c. Your name and age

d. Your height and weight details

9. If you want to complain, what would be the best way to behave?

a. Stay calm but stick to your point

b. Get very angry

c. Get ready to cry

d. Say your point loudly and cry

10. If you want to make a phone call to customer care,what would you do before your call?

a. Prepare your questions

b. Brush your teeth

C. Make a coffee

d. Put cotton in your ears


1. c

2. a

3. b

4. d

5. b

6. b

7. a

8. c

9. a

10. a

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