Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10

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In this Blogpost i will give you the Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10 with a link. This type of town hall 10 base layout is best to defend your base from any attack strategy. You just read this article carefully.

Hello Guys, I am Abhay. I am playing Clash of Clans for the last 2 to 3 years and I have gained so much experience with this game I also try so many attack strategies for different types of bases and I also know which type of base layout can protect your base from different types of attacks. I design this base with too much effort. So, if you like the base layout then leave a lovely comment below.

COC Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10

One of the best features about this base is the number of compartments it has, they are literally everywhere, which helps us slow down enemy units, which eventually leads to time failures or draining the enemy’s troops. most of the time enemy units like giants and golems are usually found stuck to walls.

Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10

forward, if you are one of those people who like to use a base with a hard to lure clan castle in the middle, you can also place the cc in the center of this base by making minor changes to the base like i’ shown in the picture.

Defense Base for Town Hall 10 Link

Above you can see the image of the Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10 and below I will give a copy link button you just click on it and your layout was copied and then paste it into your layout out section Homepage – Click Here
Clash of Clans Layout Link – Copy Layout

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