Best Farming Base TH9 with Link 2022(Anti 2 Star)

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In this blog post, I will give you the Best Farming Base TH9 with a link. This type of TH9 Farming base layout is best to defend your base from any attack strategy. This type of base cannot be 3 stars easily. You just read this article carefully.

After Reading this blog post and applying the Best Farming Base TH9 in your game your layout looks beautiful also this layout is very difficult to do with 3 stars. No one can do 3 Stars on this base.

Best Farming Base TH9

Hello Guys, I am Abhay. I am playing Clash of Clans for the last 2 to 3 years and I have gained so much experience with this game I also try so many attack strategies for different types of bases and I also know which type of base layout can protect your base from different types of attacks.

After spending almost 1 to 2 days searching on the internet best farming base for TH9. Then I will get these bases for TH9 and then I edit these bases according to me and set them properly to defend against any attack easily, then I am providing you these bases.

For writing this blog post I give my full efforts and my all time. So, if you like these base layouts then leave a lovely comment below.

COC Best Farming Base TH9

Best Farming Base TH9

This base is Best Farming Base TH9 because in this layout the main buildings (like- Dark storage, Townhall, Clan Castle, etc) are kept in the core portion.

One of the main reasons to select this base for Best Farming Base TH9 is that this base contains so many compartments and compartments are very necessary for every base because the more compartments you have, the more you slow down enemy troops and in this base layout there are so many compartments. If the enemy use golems, giants, pakkes, etc. So the troops will be stuck on the walls but our defense continues damaging the enemy troops and there is so much chance of time failure in this base layout.

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Let’s talk about the core portion, we placed town hall 10 in the core portion because the town hall contains 1 Star and a decent amount of loot in it. So it is very important to save the town hall. So we placed the town hall in the core portion.

We Placed both heroes in the core portion because the heroes gave too much damage to both ground and air troops. The hitpoint of both the heroes is very high so heroes plays very important role in protecting the base and defending from the enemy attack.

We also kept both of the X-Bows in the core portion because the X-Bows place a very important role in defending the base in Townhall 9. So we need to ensure that the X-Bows are safe and also if we place X-Bows in center so it can cover the whole base and protect the base from attack. I suggest you set your X-Bows in Air & Ground in Both modes so your X-bows can defend ground and air both attacks easily.

All the Air Defenses are placed in different compartments and are very fare to each other so if the enemy uses a lightning spell then only one defense gets damaged. And we placed all air defense on every side so it can protect the base from every side.

All the stores are kept in different compartments so that enemy can’t take whole te loots from one side only and I also placed the elixir and gold storages on alternate sides.

All the Archers and Cannons are kept in the very corners of the base so that they can protect the base from outside and damage the opponent troops and also it can stop spam attacks very easily.

All the Wizard Towers are kept in the very corner portion of the base so they can gave mass damage to the enemy troops.

Clash of Clans Best Farming Base TH9 Links

Above you can see the image of the Best Farming Base TH9 and below I will give a copy link button you just click on it and your layout was copied and then paste into your layout out section


With that, we come to the end of our Best Farming Base TH9 with Link 2022(Anti 2 Star).

I hope that this blog post will help you to decide on the Best Farming Base TH9. If you have any confusion related to this layout, then comment below or send me a message our team will assist you and help you to remove confusion.

And if you still thinking about the layout then you also check out our other articles about War BasesHybrid BasesDefence Bases, etc.

Thanks For Reading this Blogpost and Also thanks for giving your important time to our blog post.

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FAQs for Best Farming Base TH9

This base is best for faming in th9?

Yes, this base is best for faming in th9.

THis is a TH9 loot protection base?

Yes, this base is TH9 loot protection base.

This is TH9 pure farming base?

Yes, this is TH9 pure farming base.

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