Best Town Hall 10 War Base with COPY LINK 2022

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In this Blogpost i will give you the Best Town Hall 10 War Base with a link. This type of town hall 10 war base layout is best to defend your base from any attack strategy. You just read this article carefully.

Hello Guys, I am Abhay. I am playing Clash of Clans for the last 2 to 3 years and I have gained so much experience with this game I also try so many attack strategies for different types of bases and I also know which type of base layout can protect your base from different types of attacks. I design this base with too much effort. So, if you like the base layout then leave a lovely comment below.

Best Town Hall 10 War Base

TH10 War Base

This Layout is one of the Best Layouts for TH10 War Base because, As you know, clan wars can be won with stars and destruction rate. So you need a good base design to prevent your opponent from getting 2 or 3 starts from your base. Also, CC forces do a lot to win defenses, so you need to place your clan castle where your opponent can’t attract his CC forces at the start of an attack. battle. And your opponent will have to use more spells and hero abilities to deal with these CC forces, ruining your offensive strategy. That’s why I placed the clan castle in the center of the base. We also recommend using the following troop combinations for your CC troop:

Best Town Hall 10 War Base

Lava Hound and 1 Balloon
2. Super Minions, 1 Headhunter, and 5 Archers

And your opponent will use Town Hall 10’s siege Machine to create a funnel, so take Town Hall with Tesla to the outer compartment. placed. base farm. Because placing the town hall in the center allows the siege engine to open all the important compartments while going to the town hall. The town hall is in the outer compartment, so the siege engine can’t do that. Even with the Town Hall in the outer compartment, it’s hard to get. Because it is protected by the Tesla farm. And we all know Tesla farms can eliminate electro dragons.

Best War Base For TH10

This TH10 base layout is also a very brilliant layout because We have placed all the Giant bombs and defensive buildings that can damage enemy forces so that they can damage almost anywhere in your base. We also placed all air traps like aerial mines and aerial bombs near the X-Bows and Inferno Towers respectively so that enemy air units can be eliminated before they reach the main defenses. And this main defense can eliminate other remaining forces.

Best Town Hall 10 War Base

Also, since warehouse buildings had more hitpoints than other buildings, all warehouse buildings have been placed in front of defensive buildings so that defensive-only units can be separated from other general units. Did. Easy to beat the defense. We also spaced most of the buildings two tiles apart so troops like Electro Dragons and Valkyries can target multiple buildings at once.

Best Town Hall 10 War Base Link

Above you can see the image of the Best Defence Base for Town Hall 10 and below I will give a copy link button you just click on it and your layout was copied and then paste it into your layout out section Homepage – Click Here
Clash of Clans Layout Link – Copy Layout

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