Black Crab Honest Review

Black Crab is a unique, bleak Swedish action-thriller featuring a fast and freezing ice-skating trek through a ravaged future world ripped apart by war. 

but its captivating look and premise aren't quite enough to overcome its vagueness when it comes to world building and a third act that zigs when it should zag. 

Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo film series) stars as Caroline Edh, a skater-turned-soldier in this unexplained future war -- which has decimated the entire country (and presumably surrounding nations) -- who gets recruited onto a team tasked with skating across a frozen tundra in the dead of night to transport a secret weapon to a lab.

Though she's not in charge of the mission, Caroline's the best skater of the bunch and is pulled aside and promised a reunion with her lost daughter, Vanja, if she can get the ball into the endzone.

And with Caroline having hyper-personal stakes in the game, she becomes a rather cold and direct member on the team, untrusting of others and driven by a purpose the rest are unaware of.

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