Rudra Web Series Honest Review

The chemistry between Ajay Devgn’s supercop Rudraveer Singh and Raashii Khanna’s master criminal Aliyah is among the highlights of the Disney+ Hotstar remake of BBC’s Luther.

The Rajesh Mapuskar-directed series is a mostly faithful remake of the popular BBC crime series Luther. Idris Elba plays the eponymous British detective whose criminal ways of thinking and penchant for bending rules help him track down the most perverted criminals under less than an hour of television. Rudra’s episodes are just as long and closely follow the map set by Luther creator Neil Cross.

The major change lies in how Devgn plays the titular character. While Elba’s John Luther was a volatile and loud man, Devgn’s Deputy Commissioner of Police Rudraveer Singh is sombre.

The sexual current in the series is augmented by the sizzling chemistry between Rudra and master criminal Aliyah (Raashii Khanna). Their slow-burning chemistry is the heart of the series. Devgn and Khanna are extremely good together, and that’s one of two reasons I will want to watch the second season when it arrives.